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Kilo began her pole journey June 6, 2011. She heard about pole through a conversation and began to research for a local instructor. Upon research, she found someone teaching pole. She was a little nervous as she found that this was an apartment based "studio" business, she put her nervousness to the side and proceeded with her first lesson. After attending her first lesson, she felt a soreness that she never felt before. That was the day she began her journey. 

Who is Kilo Kitty Buhrmaster?

Past, Present, Future

During the beginning of her journey, she started to become almost obsessed with pole videos on YouTube and really got into watching Competitions. She was drawn into Alethea Austin, Cleo the Hurricane and so many more. 

Kilo got to experience her first live competition by being a spectator and it left a drive to compete. She began training until she broke her left fibula and had to put her dreams aside. 

During the summer of 2014, Kilo got her X-Pert Pole Fitness Level 1 and 2 Certification. After receiving her certification, she began as an instructor at a local "studio" (at its current location) in June 2014. She became the Lead Instructor until February 2022 after 7.5 years. 

Kilo got a new taste of pole after attending Pole Con during the summer of 2015. She began training again for competitions as well as performance while continuing to teach and work a full time corporate job. The summer of 2017 was the first taste of performing and competing. 


Flash forward to this current time. Kilo has earned over 9 placement titles, performed in numerous performances, numerous certifications.

She loves to teach, helping others grow on their journey; seeing them grow into their potential. She has begun to teach workshops and offers opportunities of growth.  

She loves to compete, she loves the challenge and every time she receives critique; it not only helps her as a competitor but she also takes it back to her students.

She loves to perform as she gets to tell a story, draw in her audience and express the many sides of pole. 

Kilo opened Sanctuary of Pole ( in 2023 for students to come and learn. Sanctuary of Pole is located in MOTIVE School of Movement in Greenville SC. 


Is yet to be written. 

She plans to continue teaching, helping others grow, find their selves on and off the pole. Kilo's goal is to offer her experience through various opportunities such as workshops and more. She welcomes opportunities to help others 

She is continuing her education by working on more certifications and concentrating on the fitness side. 

She plans to continue to perform, to portray many characters as well as the different styles of pole. 

She plans to continue to compete and earn her professional card in Pole Sport Organization, USPSF, Georgia Pole Fitness Classic as well as many others. 

She is just an email, text or a call away!

Teaching Experience:

-The Pole Academy,

Greenville SC

June 2014-Feb 2022 ( 7.5 yrs Lead Instructor)


Greenville SC

January 2022-April 2022 (Independent Contractor)

-Kilo Kitty Buhrmaster LLC

2022 - Present (Owner and Operator)

- Sanctuary of Pole LLC

2022-Present (Owner and Operator) 


-The Pole Academy Student Showcase

2016, 2017

-Metal Pole Mayhem, NC

Winter 2017, 2018 2019

Summer 2018, 2019

Virtual 2020

-International Pole Convention

2017. 2018, 2020, 2021, 2022

-Bad to The Chrome

2019, 2020

-The Brass Menagerie: A Pole Dance Revue


-Exotic Alchemy




-Aerial Allure Pole & Talent Showcase

2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

-Reedy River Grand Ball

NYE 2022

The Heathens Masquerade


The Rouge Ball


Competitions (Non-Placement)

-PCS Georgia Pole Fitness Classic

2017. 2018

-PSO Southern

Level 4 Exotic 2018

-PSO Triangle

Level 4/5 Low Flow and Floorwork 2019

-PSO Triangle

Level 5 Championship 2022

-PSO Southern

Level 5 Artistic 2022

Competitions (Placement)

-PSO Southern

Level 4 Dramatic 3rd Place 2017

-PSO Triangle

Level 4 Entertainment 2nd Place 2018

-PSO Southern

Level 5 Dramatic/Artistic 3rd Place 2019

-PSO Southern

Level 5 Exotic 1st Place 2019

-PCS Georgia Pole Fitness Classic

Novice 3rd Place 2019

-PSO Virgo

Level 4/5 Low Flow & Floor 3rd Place 2020

​-Pole Dance America

3rd Place 2020

-USPSF Nationals Classique Amateur Senior Woman

2nd Place 2020

-USPSF Semi Nationals Classique Elite Senior Woman

2nd Place 2021


-X-Pert Pole Fitness Level 1 & 2


-CRNP Floor Rockers


-CRNP Spinning Pole (Beg – Low Intermediate) 2019

-CRNP Exotic Burn



2021, 2022, 2023

-ACE Group Fitness Instructor


-ACTION-CPT Personal Trainer


-X-Pert Pole Fitness Level 3 & 4


-X-Pert Aerial Hoop/Lyra



-X-Pert Aerial Silks


Judging Opportunities

-Pole Sport Organization

2021, 2022, 2023

Workshop Opportunities

-International Pole Convention

CRNP Floor Rockers: 2021, 2022

-Empyrean Arts

Chill The Flip Out: 2022

ChaPole 1.0           2022

-Sanctuary of Pole

Chairlesque   2023

Chairlesque   2024

ChaPole 1.0   2024


-Canvas Rebel

-Shoutout South Carolina

-South Carolina Voyager

-Wayward Lasses Podcast

-Dancing Eyes Podcast

-Carolina Spark Magazine

-Bold Journey

Who is Kilo Kitty Buhrmaster?

Experience and Certifications

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