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Hi! I'm Kilo and I am a poler! I am an instructor who loves to compete and perform. I love helping my students grow on their pole journey. I would love to be a part of yours!

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Facebook Group

Hey everyone! Did you know that we have a Facebook Private Group? It's Sanctuary of Pole-SOP. This Private group is for students. Come share your achievements, see what's happening and more. Sanctuary

September 2022

I wanted to make sure that you all are aware that September schedule is up and running. Classes are Thursdays and a couple of Saturdays has been added to the list. I am currently working on October sc

MAY, I Have Your Attention

Thank you for your support this month. It means the world to me! The May schedule is being created and the full schedule should be posted for registration before Sunday 4/24/22. For the month of Apri


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